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Our phone numbers:
+354 615 5416
+354 456 2011

Pictures below are from previous seasons, before the full rehaul of the hotel, but can serve as a sneak peek of our even better, modern interior design.
New pictures will be available very soon.

Hotel Flókalundur is a small family-run hotel and restaurant in Vatnfjordur, on the south coast of the Westfjords

We are looking forward to seeing you this summer


Hotel Flokalundur has 28 single or double bedrooms and one suite. All rooms are equipped with a bathroom. All beds are full of furnished and breakfast is included in the price.

12 af herbergjunum okkar eru aðgengileg með hjólastól.

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Our rooms

Single room

Standard double room

New Standard double room

Premium double room /family room


Hotel hours:

  • Restaurant: 18.30-21.30. Kitchen closes at 21:00.
  • Breakfast Buffet: 7.30-10.00.
  • Lunch buffet: 11:30-14:00. Currently, limited menu.
    Alongside the soup of the day, we serve only one of the 3 main course options from the menu; either fish/meat/vegeterian. All will be available at the same time soon.
    Cake is not yet available during the lunch hours. We serve desserts during restaurant hours.

Camping – open for 2024

The Camping Site, with it’s beautiful view over the fjord, is situated close to the Hotel. On the Camping Site there is ample space for tents and camping trailers. There is access to electricity and in a Facility Hut there are WC, hot and cold water faucets, showers and facilities for dishwashing.

Price per person is 2000 kr per night

Free for children age 16 and younger

Electricity is 1500 kr per day, per vehicle.

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Within a walking distance from the hotel is Hellulaug, a natural geothermal pool on the shoreline of Breiðafjörður Bay. The natural surrounding with its unspoiled wildlife is breathtakingly unique. The hot spring is loaded from rocks and is very pleasant to relax in while enjoying the wonderful view of Breiðafjörður Bay. The water temperature is around 38°-40° celcius

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Dynjandi-waterfall is a set of waterfalls in Arnarfjörður. The cumulative height of the waterfalls is 100 m (330 ft) and it is roughly 30m wide at its top spreading to over 60m at its bottom. Below the main waterfall (Fjallfoss) a series of five smaller chutes carry the waters of the Dynjandisá to the sea. Approximately 1 hour drive is to the waterfall from Hotel Flokalundur

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Látrabjarg is the most western point of Iceland and Europe’s largest bird cliff. It is 14 km long and up to 440 m high. The cliffs are home to million of seabirds, including puffins, guillemots and razorbills. It is an excellent point to witness the birds in their natural environment. The number of birds vary between seasons, with the highest number during late May and Juni. It takes approximately 2 hours to drive to Látrabjarg from Hotel Flokalundur.

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Rauðasandur beach is located besides Látrabjarg. Rauðasandur is famous for having red and golden sand. On Rauðasandur the remnants of a farm named Sjöundá can by found. In 1802 man and a woman was murdered there. The novel Svartfugl (The Black Bird) by Gunnar Gunnarsson was based on the Sjöundá murder mystery.

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